Since 1998, the Association has started working with the father/male figure, supporting them during their moments of fragility experienced as they go through their identity transformation and providing a dimension where they can reconciliate with the fundamental qualities of the male/father figure.

In particular, we have developed and carried out the project "THE DARK SIDE - The other aspect of suffering": an intervention programme that challenges and changes the violent behaviors of perpetrators.The project has the cooperation of the ASL 3 Genovese, SC Ser.T Ponente (mental health service for pathological addiction), as well as the interest of the Italian Police dpt.

Given the determined commitment to the prevention and fight against violence on women and children, this initiative finds its origins from the awareness of an existing difficulty in reaching out to mens' point of view on prevention and understanding skills, and its purpose is to emphasize and establish working relationships with the anti-violence centers operating in the area.

The project was sponsored by  Regional Government  of Liguria and the Municipality of Genoa.